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GTL Americas selects contractor for a landmark fuel facility near Pine Bluff



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – A groundbreaking announcement has been made in the energy sector as GTL Americas (GTLA) has chosen Hyundai ENG America, Inc. (Hyundai) to head up the design and construction of a pioneering facility in Jefferson County. This massive facility, which will stand on a sprawling 1,800-acre plot 13 miles north of Pine Bluff, has the ambitious goal of producing an impressive 1.7 million gallons of eco-friendly motor fuel.

Project Details and Significance

Commencing in the next 18 months, the construction is segmented into four phases with an estimated completion date in 2029. Initially priced at $3.5 billion, this project isn’t just massive in scope but also monumental in terms of its economic implications, marking it as the most sizable industrial undertaking in the history of Arkansas. As Leon Codron, the president of GTLA, emphasized, “This facility will make Arkansas our nation’s leading producer of ultra-clean, high-grade diesel, naphtha and, ultimately, jet fuel.”

GTLA’s innovative project will hold the capability to transform natural gas into approximately 1.7 million gallons of ultra-clean transportation fuels daily. Furthermore, the facility is projected to produce 150 MW of carbon-free steam-generated electricity. While the facility will directly employ 225 individuals once operational, its construction and commissioning phase is anticipated to generate approximately 2,500 construction-related jobs. Jeff Bigger, GTLA’s Chief Operating Officer, expressed confidence in the partnership with Hyundai and S&B, citing their “wealth of experience, technical expertise, and unwavering commitment to safety and excellence.”

Furthermore, upon its completion, the facility will hold the unique distinction of being the sole establishment of its kind within the United States, as underscored by GTLA.

Collaboration and Stakeholders

Hyundai, renowned for its global presence, will be working hand-in-hand with S&B Engineers and Constructors, Ltd. (S&B). Their collaborative efforts will span across the facility’s Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) to its Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning (EPCC).

Behind this significant project stand key stakeholders including Energy Security Partners, Hanwha Petrochemicals from Korea, and notably, the Arkansas Teachers Retirement Funds.

With a well-planned distribution strategy in place, the clean fuels from this upcoming plant will be marketed and transported via truck, rail, and marine barge. Additionally, the establishment has the infrastructure in place to connect to a product pipeline, broadening its reach to customers both within regional confines and extending to markets across the U.S. and even internationally.

Why Arkansas?

The choice of Arkansas as the facility’s location was strategic. Apart from its central position in the country, the state offers logistical advantages including accessibility to railroads, interstate highways, and airports. Furthermore, its location outside the hurricane-prone zones adds an additional layer of security to the facility.

This new venture not only reaffirms Arkansas’s pivotal role in the nation’s energy sector but also promises a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future for the industry.

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