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Little Rock organization welcomed community members in need during Thanksgiving



Little Rock, Arkansas – In Arkansas, a special Thanksgiving event resonates with more than just the aroma of turkey and the sweetness of desserts. It’s a story of hope, recovery, and community spirit, centered around Nehemiah House, a faith-based drug and alcohol recovery program in Little Rock. This organization, established in 1946, has become a beacon of hope for many, especially during the Thanksgiving season.

Serving the Community with Compassion

For decades, Nehemiah House has opened its doors to provide a warm meal to those in need during Thanksgiving. Jeremy Burton, the director of residential client services, emphasizes the importance of community support. The people of Central Arkansas have shown tremendous generosity towards the program, allowing it to give back effectively. Burton sees this act of giving as a vital part of their ministry, bringing a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

The joy and gratitude on the faces of those receiving a meal are priceless to Burton. This act of kindness is more than just providing food; it’s about enriching spirits and offering a glimpse of hope in difficult times.

A Story of Transformation

Justin Roberson’s journey embodies the impact of Nehemiah House. A former drug addict for 20 years, Roberson’s life took a dramatic turn after completing the nine-month rehab program in November 2022. His story is one of remarkable transformation – from struggling with addiction to living a life full of blessings and achievements. Now sober for two years, Roberson is employed, married, pursuing education online, and actively sharing his inspiring story across Central Arkansas.

His message is powerful and clear: change is possible. Roberson wants to instill hope in those who are still struggling, showing them that a better life is within reach. His gratitude extends beyond Thanksgiving, symbolizing a new lease on life.

Expanding the Mission

Nehemiah House’s commitment to helping those in need continues to grow. Burton announced plans to open a transitional house for both men and women in Jacksonville later in the year. This expansion signifies the ongoing dedication of Nehemiah House to its mission. The organization continues to welcome donations of clothing, canned goods, and money to support its cause.

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