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Summit Utilities provides University of Arkansas Pine Bluff with rebates of around $40,000



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – After the university installed 21 energy-efficient appliances and 5 boilers in various buildings around campus, Summit Utilities and The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) established an energy-efficiency collaboration. Additionally, five highly efficient heating boilers were updated in the campus’s Business and Fine Arts buildings.

“The Summit Utilities Energy Efficiency Program gives organizations an opportunity to earn rebates to assist in reducing the cost of upgrades for energy-efficient natural gas equipment,” said Jose Laboy, Summit Energy Efficiency Manager. “Not only is UAPB getting the energy efficient rebates, but they will also see a significant cost savings on their monthly natural gas bill.”

According to the EPA Greenhouse Gas Calculator, the university’s progressive efforts are equivalent to avoiding 20.5 tons of greenhouse gas emissions by recycling waste instead of having it landfilled. The university’s efforts will result in an annual reduction in energy consumption of 11,000 CCF of natural gas.
UAPB intends to keep installing additional energy-efficient equipment on campus using the money it receives from rebates.

All investor-owned utilities were required by the Arkansas Public Service Commission to encourage energy efficiency among its customers in 2010. This led to refunds being awarded to the groups, which helped defray the expense of upgrading to natural gas equipment that uses less energy.

“Natural gas is a good, it’s a fossil fuel, but it’s a very clean burning fossil fuel and a good clean energy that you’re using,” said Kirk Pierce, senior energy efficiency consultant for Summit Utilities. “Again in our programs the more efficient that you can be with your usage, the better off it’s going to be as far as the environment.”

Customer types that can benefit from Summit energy efficiency initiatives include residential, commercial, and industrial. Visit Summit’s website to find out more about their household energy efficiency initiatives.

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