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Arkansas Martin Luther King Jr. Commission hosts weekend chess tournament



Little Rock, Arkansas – A chess tournament was held at Central High School on Saturday morning. The tournament was hosted by the Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission.

It was said by the executive director of the commission that the tournament is a monument to the legacy and values that Dr. King carried forward.

There were professionals present to offer their expertise on the game and to discuss how they believe it can have a beneficial effect on the life of an individual.

It has been stated by Tony Davis, a national chess master, that anyone may learn the game in the manner that they consider most appropriate.

“Well, that’s the thing I love about chess, everyone can learn the way they want to learn, especially with all the computer technology. I taught myself to play, I read the rules, and just progressed from there.”

The competition, which was organized in collaboration with the CPR Chess Club, was attended by players of varying ages and levels of expertise.

At, you may get additional information about the club.

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